Our lighting fixtures, combined with our lighting evaluations, offer major financial advantages in all activity sectors.

Here is a simplified example of replacing conventional 10,000 watts lighting with 3,750-watt LEDs, for constant lighting needs for 12 hours per day, 365 days a year.

Annual electricity costs with conventional lighting fixtures: 
Annual electricity costs with LED lighting fixtures:

 HID conventional lighting compared with LED
Replacement of 25 HID 400 W by 25 LED 150 W lighting fixtures
Number of fixtures (qty)   25 25
Watts per fixture (W)   158 W  440 W
Daily operational hours (h)   12  12
 KWh / year ((W x h x 365 / 1,000) x qty)   17,301 kWh  48,180 kWh
 Estimated annual costs (realistic average estimates) $0.10kWh  $1,730.10 $4,818.00 
 Estimated yearly savings   $3,087.90  
 Fixture costs $415.00  $10,3750.00  
 Estimated return on investment period (years)   3.3 years   

Hydro-Québec funding programs can apply to your project.

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