We understand your goal: increase your business profitability. Because we know that each purchase matters, we are using the latest, cutting-edge LED technology to reduce your electricity costs relating to lighting by up to 75%.
In order for you to experience this kind of savings, we begin with an indoor or outdoor lighting study. We will then propose an optimal LED lighting system. According to your requirements, we will make the necessary changes to ensure your total satisfaction. Here is how we proceed:
We gather all the necessary information (plans, photos, dimensions, etc.). We then verify both indoor and outdoor lighting.
We calculate lighting intensity (in either lux or foot-candles) that you need for your type of activities. With the help of lighting rendering software, we create a simulation of your project.
We furnish a complete report for your future LED lighting arrangements. It will help guide your decision and allow you to evaluate the costs related to your project.
We can leave a sample of the proposed lighting fixture for an on-site trial.
If necessary, modifications can be made. We will work in collaboration with your master electrician.
See how much you could save

The purchase and installation of a LED lighting system are profitable in the short or mid-term, depending on your project. It is possible to reduce your electrical lighting costs by as much as 75%. Funding programs exist for implementing energy efficiency measures and creating considerable cost-savings. LED technology is included in these programs.

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