Many Canadian businesses count on our solutions to light up their
daily operations.

  • Turn on instantly in all circumstances including electrical blackouts
  • Reliable lighting components that offer a life-cycle of more than 50,000 hours without maintenance and a limited 5-year warranty
  • Lighting with or without dimmer and low heat emissions
  • Lighting with or without presence sensor or motion detector
  • Compatible with alarm systems, including centralized control of electrical functions with a switch, touch screen or via the Internet (IP address)
  • Projects manufactured with protection (IP) from dust, humidity and frequent washing
  • Reduced operating costs due to product energy efficiency and reliability requiring little maintenance and replacement; depending on the case a 50-75% reduction of electricity consumption costs is foreseeable
  • Site plan created with computerized simulations optimizing possible lighting choices and influencing the initial investment purchase
  • Short to mid-term return on investment period due to the reduction of electricity consumption and operating costs
  • Funding programs available for the purchase of LED lighting fixtures depending on which programs are in effect
  • Lighting system installation will not interrupt operational activities
  • Efficient lighting solutions for temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C

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