Being a Technilight distributor offers profitable, competitive advantages:

  • High-performance LED technology: long life-cycle, low energy consumption, very little heat, explosion proof properties and resistance to impact, dust and humidity
  • Digital lighting simulations with AGi32 software
  • Extensive inventory and rapid delivery
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Availability and expertise from sales team and technicians
  • Possibility of loaned fixtures to test lighting quality prior to purchase

Lighting Evaluation

Your clients will see the eventual lighting of their space, including fixture placement and quantity. They will then be able to evaluate the costs associated to their project.

Extensive Product Inventory

The high frequency of our inventory turnover and optimized purchasing management processes ensure rapid availability of Technilight products.

Possibility of Loaned LED Fixtures for On-Site Experiments

Your clients will appreciate the opportunity to experiment with the proposed lighting fixtures for their planned lighting solutions. If the results are anything less than satisfactory, other lighting models will be suggested.

How We Work

We work respectfully by partnering with electricians and lead project managers: on-site visits, technical measurements, exchange of information, consulting services, etc.

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