LED's low energy consumption, its high efficiency (lumen/watt) and its long life-cycle enable you to save money in the long-term.

Lower Maintenance With LED

With your current lighting solutions, you may need to call an electrician just to change bulbs, replace regulators or fix fixtures. Your production might even get interrupted.

Our LED lighting fixtures offer savings for your business in terms of time, money and management. In addition, by choosing our LED lighting fixtures, you are also choosing peace of mind with our 5-year limited warranty.

Pay Only for the Electricity you Really Need

Think about it: Do you illuminate little-used sections of your buildings or parking areas? Do you have lighting fixtures installed too close together? Are all the details clearly visible for your finishing work?

By changing over to LED technology, you will immediately save on electricity costs. By choosing Technilight Canada, you will save even more because we evaluate the quantity of light fixtures that you really need, as well as their strength and placement in your buildings.

Shine the light you need, where you need it.